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17Apr Philosophy, scarygirl, and more!

In case you missed it, there was recently an excellent article posted that poses the question if philosophers lived today and had to choose a programming language- what would it be? I found this article rather profound, and it does illustrate that programming styles are more than just syntax differences but whole philosophy shifts. […]

06Jan Twitter Riddle

How many tweets could a critter twitter if a critter could twitter tweets? …these are the things I come up with when I have too much time.

05Jan FlashDevelop 3 RC1 released

In case you missed the news over the holidays, a new version of FlashDevelop was released. FlashDevelop has evolved over a number of years and has proven itself as an invaluable tool to Actionscript development. There is so much polish on this application that it outperforms Flex Builder when it comes to many of the […]

22Sep Google Chrome logo rips from Simon!

If you look closely, the order of the color are the same except for the bottom-right blue that is used instead for the center color of the Chrome logo. This begs the questions… was this truly coincidental or is there a subliminal message in the reasoning Google decided to use a reminiscent design from the […]

06Sep Adobe Flash CS4

On Tuesday, September 23, 2008, Adobe will be releasing details on the upcoming Adobe Creative Suite 4… however, some leaked information on the new Flash package has been released already to the public. Correct me if I am wrong, but I have yet to hear that Flash CS3 will support export to Flash Player 10 […]

04Sep Substantial TweenMax Update 2.19

TweenMax patch notes and updates listed below: Note: I have bold some of the cool API additions made. * auto overwriting – You’ll probably never have to type “overwrite:false” again! TweenMax automatically includes all the capabilities in the new OverwriteManager class. By default, only overlapping properties in other tweens of the same object are overwritten. […]

06Aug Flex 4 Gumbo Video

Scheduled for 2009, Flex 4 intrudes some concepts like two-way Binding, skin-able video component, better performance, and a whole new way of skinning any component in general:

04Aug Changing of the Skin (Operation Ferret)

I just found a few glitches with my site’s skin when using IE6 (wishing everyone had Firefox right now). >_< For the time being, I will be switching to another skin until I do maintenance on the original one.

01Aug 20% of Internet users have Firefox!

Chicago (IL) – It has been six weeks since Firefox 3 has been released and if we believe market share numbers provided by an ongoing survey of NetApplications, then it appears that Mozilla has had a successful launch with market share gains, especially at the expense of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.