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12Jan Functional Dreamers

In the Mayan calendar, 2012 is suppose to be a year of deep cleansing and rebirth for the world. In this spirit, I’ve been branching out into new fields and broadening my conceptual view of software development. The more I learn about programming fundamentals, the closer I get to a notion of which is considered […]

06Apr JAD Update: Social Games

I’ve decided that I’ve neglected my blog long enough and decided it was time for an update. Here we go *long breath*…. Within just the past couple years, I’ve moved from Michigan to San Francisco and have been working primary in building mobile and Facebook social games that have given rise in the gaming industry. I did […]

04Jan Now=new Year(2010)

As the new decade begins, millions of people reflect on their situation and ponder how to proceed into the future. In many ways, 2009 was a game changer for the multimedia industry. We have seen Unity and the Unreal engine open to their doors to free indie developer licensing. This illustrates that corporations are realizing […]

08Sep Us versus “Them”

Labels are dangerous when used improperly regardless if they were created in good intentions. The present day world is filled with named factions that rage verbal or physical war on each other for nothing more than self affirming the dominance of their party. This is somehow deeply ingrained in our human nature… to provide loyalty […]

27Mar Further Reading on Design Patterns

As a followup on my Wednesday lecture on design patterns, I wanted to post some informative resources for learning more about design patterns outside the next lecture on the topic. Also, I wanted to say thanks for everyone who showed up to hear me rant about code structure (not the most exciting topic in the […]

02Dec at&t: Why Bureaucracy and Technology Don’t Mix

Old-school pyramid management can severely cripple an organization’s ability to adequately adopt and help their customers. Today the story I have to illustrate this problem is about at&t’s service and support departments. First off, let me state that the actual DSL service I had with at&t has been nearly flawless with 6mb downloads with 768k […]

11Nov T-mobile G1 impression and Flash

Well, I finally took the plunge and got my first smart phone! I’ve looked at several choices over the past year like the Blackberry Bold, Storm, Apple’s acclaimed iPhone, Diamond Touch, Envy, and the LG Dare. However, after measuring the pros and cons, I decided on Tmobile’s G1. Why, you might ask? For one, I […]

24Oct Living in the [virtual] Cloud

I have always strive to keep things organized and in arm’s reach. People expect, with the rise of the Web 2.0 boom, that services should be fast, easy on the eyes, accessible on desktop/web/mobile systems, free/cheap, and have a reliable up time. With the tools that are available now, I have completely replaced the need […]

31Jul zoom Zoom zoom

Well, my old Mercury finally kicked the bucket. The water pump went out on the highway, and my engine seemed it was about to bust under the heat. Anyway, it was time for a new car… I actually have been planning on getting a new vehicle for almost two years now. After much research, I […]