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27Jul haXe 2.04 – Surprises and Yawns

Over the weekend, we finally had a new release of haXe made available, bringing the current version up to 2.04. The new version mostly is for resolving a slew of obscure bugs; however it also introduces early C++ translation support which is definitely something to keep an eye on. Now we just have to wait […]

15Jul Engineering 2.0

One of major benefits of working with computers and internet-based technologies are the massive communities behind them. Such communities offer feedback on ideas, technical help, and tutoring. In addition, standards begin to arise on their own because developers want to be able to integrate with other existing services to ease transition to and from their […]

06Jul FlashMVC 2.01 update released

Here are just a couple more enhancements to FlashMVC I was able to add over the weekend. These will not only automate a few things, but it makes room for additional addons in the future. There are two new features that have been added to SuperAction: bindVars(… REST):void This method looks at the SuperEvent fired […]