NVIDIA announced today that they are using Google’s Android OS for their Tegra platform. In case you don’t know what NVIDIA has been cooking up, Tegra pushes an incredible amount of GPU and CPU processing capability into mobile devices. We are talking like outputting 1080p resolution with 3D animation systems. By using a new technology called ULP (Ultra-Low-Power), it can retain an impressive battery life which can outlast any cell phone that is currently out in the market. It is very exciting that they have chosen the open source platform Android for their OS as both Android and Tegra natively support OpenGL development. If Apple isn’t on the ball, Android backed by such powerful hardware could certainly become the new smart mobile device king.

Also worth mentioning, once Android gets Flash Player, a Tegra device would be able to play robust developed Flash games and applications that other platforms would be sluggish running.

Read the press release at:

Nvidia Promises Tegra-Based Android Mobile Internet Devices for $99

Author: Jonathan Dunlap
Jonathan is a veteran software architect, author of IsoHill, humanitarian, and has worked with Bigpoint Inc, CrowdStar, ePrize, and Microsoft.
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